sunnuntai 22. heinäkuuta 2012

Newspaper summary (and a bit about my life too)

So, it takes about 3 hours to read a newspaper (Charlotte Observer) which means, that I have to do something to my English. The second reason to do something is my daugter, who did so well in English test, that I just got to do something to keep up. I did'nt find any good English class yet, so this is where I practise.

The papers are much about election that's due to someday and democratic convention, which is due in Charotte at the beginning on September. For normal charlotteans it means that don't go uptown on that week eventhough the streets are at the most great condition on those days. So must it be, when the President of the United States comes to neighbourhood! I'll stay home in Ballantyne.

And the rest of the paper is campaigning: Romney is making Obama look bad and Obama is making Romney to look even worse. I've read some of the contributions about them and notices that I understant about 30%... What I did understand, is that the campaigns (especially Obamas) cost hell of a lot of money. Ok, there are also stories about Syria, Afganistan etc. and Norway. Norway is not mentioned for the shooting in Colorado (by the way, Obama is visiting the families today), but it seems to be one year when the Norwegian tragedy happened and it's mentioned here.

The main local news is about the increase of pedestrians killed last few years. In our area we have (pavement) sidewalks, but that isn't in every place. And even here, the pavement can just suddenly end in the midlle of driveway, so no walking or cycling is allowed to my kid! (Walking is not allowed to me too, but that's because of the sunshine and extremely high UV index.) But I must say, that I enjoy more reading these heart bleeding my wife/daughter was killed stories, but that's purely 'cause I UNDERSTAND what is said. And one  story that I follow, is when they can reopen stores in South Park Mall again. They were closed because of the huge flood last Friday. Just 3 inches water came inside, when some fancy glass sealing broke down. I'm lucky that I don't visit that Mall, is must have been awful. (And for my sister to know: all that happened because of thunder and lightning AND they had a warning in TV on big letters to tell us about that; althougt the actual flood area was only in a small area of Mecklenburg=our county.)

And so far, I 've read section A, B and C on the paper, so the best parts are still left. There is a double page of comics every day (on Sunday it's in colour!) and Everyday living section, which helps me to bake (it's easier to follow local recepies that convert everything) and learn to guess the great baking verbs! And there's so much going on: theaters, concerts, events, garage sales (oops, that's mostly on South Charlotte News) and all the other stuff I like to read and do. (By the way, they sell awful crab in garage sails, just like in Finland in kirpputori.)

But that part I haven't even read yet and still been busy whole morning... but I have watched through all the coupons and been collecting the victims of our Ant war II. My war became Ant war II when my husband started to be involved in this war with some heavy stuff poison. He just poisoned all house around OUTside, so 20 legions of hard working ants followed their leader INside. So the inside of the kitchen had to be poisoned (not with so heavy stuff poison) and traps to be set up. But before that I had to bury the deserted bodies. Through the sink I mean. So maybe these Americans do have some purpose to those refuse drains (or whatever they are called).

But look at the bright side: I just love spiders at the moment!

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