sunnuntai 8. heinäkuuta 2012

Here I am - I guess

I'm thinking of you Erin when I'm writing this, but please don't proof read too hard (or anybody else, who can English better than me). I have "lived" in Charlotte already 5 days and I am a bit bored... not that I don't have anything to do, but don't know what to do.

 I'm reading a book in Finnish, but kind of want it to last longer, so I don't want to read it. I still have many things to buy, but I want to spend my Sunday not too much shopping, but resting and trying to get my slowly soul to reach me (it's probably still somewhere on Atlantic Ocean). I have a great car to ride to, but I still get lost if I go out there and somehow I'm not so fond of my GPS as I am about my iPhone (in which I just found Aamulehti, converter [I'll be dependent on that one], Vocabology and WordNet). And I'm having so much fun with Snaplog too.

I'm excausted because of this weather. It's (only) 90 right now, but the humidity makes it so heavy. It rained appr. 15 minutes and all that time I enjoyed reading in patio, but right after the rain stopped I had to come back inside. And inside it is so "windy". I know I do need this ventilation on, but it gives me a sore throat! Well, I'll probably get used to it... and I'll get used to the fact, that in Charlotte suburban area (I think you can call Ballantyne that?) blocks are 2-5 miles long, which is the main reason I just can't navigate here yet. If I ever I think I know where I am, I'm usually 2 miles away from the spot I though I was. But: we managed to find ourselves (with gps) to Nordstom Rack and World Market  together with Sonja last afternoon, so good for us! (We bought denim shorts each. And I love World Market; maybe 'cause I bought 2 bottles of sparkling wine in there.)

We baked chocolade cake today (Harris Teeter Fudge Brownie Mix) and it was easy, 'cause it says in the box in what temperature you have to set the oven) and I'm mastering the laundry machine already.  I've already taken two baths (and "sauna" in our patio afterwards) and have a membership in Sports and Fitness (they have a dry sauna in there)! I also have a VIC card to Harris Teeter and membership to BJ's. Our pool pass is number 32. And I made througt the driving license test!

And I wrote this in English, talked to few people and I'm still pretty much me. We'll see how long this lasts...

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