keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

Facts from news

1. Obama is giving hope for illegal immigrants, who are under 32 and moved to States before age 16. They can apply to become legal citizens, if they have graduated High School, served in US Army or are doing those right on the moment. And are not convicted. Authorities are waiting 1.2 million applications. The fee is $465. Except for disabled, veterans etc. who can still apply. What's interesting, is that if Obama is not re-elected, nobody knows what will happen to the applicants!

2. Our safe city. The 4th teen was shot in Charlotte this year! This time eight-grader shot his 13yrs old friend on a street in west Charlotte. Victims look like African-American and so does the shooter, who was studying in West Charlotte High School.
Well, that's awful, but for me feels like it happened in Oulu or in Stockholm. So far I'm pleased to live in safe south Charlotte. (But if I visit Walmart in South Carolina just 5 miles away, it sure looks like a bit different again.)

3. The Big Issue: DNC! The Democratic National Conference is hold in Charlotte the first week of September. It's on every paper, because it's huge.
Both Obamas will show up and give speeches, well some election is on the door..
Anyway, all uptown (=center of the city) will be crowded and occupied to the Convention, even so, that some local schools are closed that week (they allready started school to catch up that gap) and people are renting their houses to the convention visitors while taking a vacation on that time. And like in any big events, the city is beeing cleaned up and all the "not so great things" are being hided. There's no drunks (at least uptown) to hide, but there has to be more safe sidewalks to visitors to walk to and some holes on the streets to cover for.
I'll stay here in safe south Charlotte that week, althought it would be nice to see a glimpse of Michelle; this will be the second time she is in the same city with us! And both times it has been this beautiful The Queen City!

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