maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2012


When I meet people for the first time, they usually ask me how long I've been here and what I think about the Queen city. I can answer the first question pretty easy (Have you really been here ONLY 4 months?), but still haven't figured out nice answer to the second one.

A. The people. People are truly nice and helpful here. It's not that they come to your door and then you are friends forever, but when you make a little effort and see someone for the second time: that's it. Then you just know which ones are your kind of people. It's amazing that I have met so many nice people only in 4 months!

B. Friendliness. It just happens, that when you hear all these nice things and words amazing, awesome, great, beautiful every day, you just get used to it and start using them yourself. I know How you doing -is only a phrase, but when african-american teen boy looks completely pissed of at his work as a cashier in Whole food market, he still finds your eyes and says: How you doing ma'am, having a nice day? - it just makes me smile.

C. The weather. All right, here it comes: I didn't hate summer, but it wasn't my time. Autumn is great, even thought it's freezing in the mornings and you do need a jacket these days. But the sun is shining almost every day and that's been awesome. And I'm already used to that! If it's rainy or windy day, you just have to sleep on it and there comes the sun again.

D. Friends. Foreigners. Connections. It's up to you how much you get yourself going and how many happenings you partisipate. Nobody comes to your door, but if you open some doors, you usually get very wellcomed. I've been using the internet and specially MeetUp-groups to find most of my connections. It's scary finding a new place and trying to meet up with somenone you only know a name of, but you've just got to do it. And you need to take every opportunity you are getting, 'cause you just can't tell which are the best places or happenings, if you don't try out yourself. Sincerety and honesty are appreciated!

One thing I like a lot, is that people are always telling me how good my English is. I know it's far from perfect, especially writing is pretty problematic, but because everybody here appreciates my effort, I'm trying to do so too. I don't care that I make many mistakes and I don't use spelling (although that's stupid), because I get understood. That's best in Charlotte: understand others and get understood. So simple.

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