keskiviikko 19. syyskuuta 2012

My English

Well, it sure is not improving, if I don't use it!

I'm amazed of how well my daughter understands English and can accomplish her tasks and homeworks. Especially in English (honours). I don't know how is it today, but at my school we didn't analyse so many texts and learned more words from latin/greek roots. They just have to write an essee or report or whatsoever almost every day. And we had some "fun" time trying to find out prepositions and adverb phrases... I try to help, but in English I just have to say, that I THINK it could be so, but just can't tell.

And she has to memorize also some Spanish. That's completely up to her, but I do help by questioning vocabulary, because I just might learn something myself.. I mean the English versions of the words she is learning in Spanish. The one thing I truly can help her (and I truly enjoy it), is in Psychology! It feels good to realize, that I still remember many things and can even translate some concepts in Finnish. What I do NOT understand, is the instuctions and assignments! It's strange how they can be said in so complicated way... (This remains me of something I used to do... oh, that was something called work.)

But how do I do with my English? Better, if you're thinking about understanding and reacting everyday questions. I don't look like a fool in restaurant any more (at least not ALL the time) and I do follow TV-series quite well (subtitles would ever BOTHER me at this point). The needed level of concertration is a bit lower as it used to be, so I can talk to somenone and listen to my audible book at the same time (for few minutes I mean) without losing it anymore. But I can still easily shut my ears of the football game and I'm definitely getting lost when two (American) people talk to each others.

Another way of getting lost, is to read the Charlotte Observer. Sometimes I'm so pissed of that I don't actually read anything, but just scan the pages. Well, I do read how's duchess Kate and her naked pictures doing, but the heavy stuff is hard to understand (Sonja had to analyse 3 news in the point of wiev in writers' bias and I KIND of helped her with that the other day)! I did understand today that - again - one 17 year old teen was shot in Charlotte and about the bomb thread in Finnair plane in the other day.

I don't want to read the news about some papyrys that convinces us that Jesus had a wife, but I'm (still) trying to follow a bit about the presidential campaign. Right now it's all about Romneys 47% of voters who are voting Obama. On Romneys point of view these people are the one's who don't pay taxes and that's why he (Romney) is paying no attention to them. Well, Niinistö had his share of marginalization raport, but it just could happen, that the United States will have a president who is concerned only about half of the people. As you can imagine, today's headline for Obama is: President works for everyone.

Well, there's something going on in foreign politics in Afganistan and Palestine, but this week Romney is being stupid on there too: he claimed in video comment that Palestinians don't want peace. Truly? So it looks like this week I'm all about Obama! But that's only because he was here in Charlotte and his wife made a strong speech. Think about that: if Jenni Haukio makes a great speech, would that make her husband a great president?

It looks like that I have to start concentrating my English studies in making speeches. There is many courses for that and it just might get my husband to be a better employee, get a raise and become more powerful. Or at least keep his job in last days company of headlines; thank god Pohjola is kicking it's employees off, so Metso is back in peace and order. Let's hope this world gets it's peace and order too!

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